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Thank you for one of the best weeks of my life…

Through words, photos and videos I was able to share my experience of following Coldplay all over Australia during their Mylo Xyloto 2012 Tour. What I have shared with you is only a small fraction of everything I felt through out the time I was in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Living through my experience is not enough when you have the opportunity to see Coldplay, do it and don’t just settle for one show - settle for all because it is an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

I purchased all my tickets to the Coldplay shows in early March. At that time I knew that I would have 2 friends with me at the Melbourne show and my mum with me at the Sydney show and for the Brisbane show, I had no 1 (so I thought) I wasn’t sure if I’d make friends along the way and I was very nervous about attempting it all on my own, but I did it and Thank God I did! 

I have walked away with life long friends. Groups of people that have touched my heart and brought close to me all because we share the same love for Coldplay. 

I have always been very thankful to Coldplay for giving me their music when nothing or no one else seemed to be able to help. It was their music that helped me through a lot of things and keep me smiling every single day. Their music has taught me so much. But now I owe them many more thanks for giving me one of the greatest weeks of my life, for performing whole heartedly at all 4 shows, for smiling and waving and giving me the thumbs up, for singing swallowed in the sea and for giving me happiness. 

Although I cried at every show I was crying tears of joy. I was just so happy to be apart of it all. To be there and scream your names over and over again and sing your songs loud and proud because I just love you all that much. 

Everyone I mentioned on this blog holds a special place in my heart. Particularly I’d like to give a huge mention to: Con, Tim, Justin, Sarah and Eleni - thank you for being their in Melbourne and for starting the numbering system that carried out through every show. Thank you for coming all the way back up to Brisbane, it was an impulsive decision but one of the best you’ve ever made. You guys really have become true friends of mine and can’t wait for Justin to move up here, Sarah to spend the summer and for you all to be at my 21st or over in Melbourne asap so I can spend some time with you. I miss you all so much already. && for those reading you should definitely check out Cons band LAVISTA: and when they get up here for a gig in Melbourne or in a city near you - make sure you go and see them…Jackie, Coldplays security guard passed his CD on to the boys ;)

Mel, April and Sam - the three of you are so incredibly beautiful. I can not wait to catch up when we are all in the same city (infact tomorrow we are all having lunch) but I just wanted to say thanks for sticking by eachother and sharing the same great love. I can’t wait for the next Coldplay Tour because I know we will all be front row together. 

Nell, Chris, Georgie, Jess, Nadin, Xena, Nat, Michelle and Lenny and to everyone in the Coldplay Family of 50 at every show - thanks for being absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to see you all again when our paths cross again soon. 

After each show and every day thats passed since the tour I have woken up each morning feeing extremely blessed and thankful for the week that was. To everyone I met in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane - thank you for making the long waits in line an incredible experience. I’ve walked away with 4 memorable Coldplay performances, life long friends, Jonnys Guitar Pick and the set list! Thank you Coldplay, you brought us all together! ♥ 

Coldplay Fix You - Live @Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

This is not my video and all credit to the person that caught this clearly on video for me.

At the beginning of fix you, unlike any other show on the Australian tour the piano plays for that little bit extra. You can sense what song is coming but no one expected what we heard. Moments before Chris started to sing Fix You - a few lines from SWALLOWED IN THE SEA were sung! 

You can slightly hear it in this video and at first me and the gang thought we were going crazy but we weren’t. This happened. Chris bowed to us at the end of the show and gave us the thumbs up when we shook the sign at him. He really does care for his fans. It meant the world to us knowing that he saw the sign and sang that small bit for us :) 

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